Class Information

Why Piano ?

Learning piano builds a strong foundation for understanding music theory and other instruments. While piano was not the first instrument to be created it does have a linear design that helps the learner to understand the logic of music from left to right and low pitch to high pitch.

What will I learn?

Will I perform?

Yes. Performing is a part of learning. Every student will be given the opportunity to perform during Master Class. Master Class Performances are where we perform and recieve peer feedback while learning the art of performance. 

Is this class a private class or will I learn with a group?

Piano is taught in a group setting which enhances our motivation to learn expereincing community. 

What materials do I need?

We will be using "Visualize Keyboard Scale sand Modes" by Malia Jade Roberson, PHD published by Hal Leonard. In addition you will choose one song to master to be performed for Master Class. The song will be chosen in collaboration with your instructor. 

Our Books

"Harmony and Musicianship with Solfedge" and "teoría" are excellent open source material used during lessons. Both resources are filled with treasures to increase your understanding of music as you move toward your goal of vocal mastery.