Class Information

Why Theory

Learning theory unlocks the logic of why music works. Theory help you to understand the tools of music nad how to use them to creat new beauful music. Knowing theoury will expand your knowledge of music and the way it works to create sound. 

What will I learn?

Will I perform?

No. This class does not have a performance requirement. 

Is this class a private class or will I learn with a group?

Theory is taught in a group setting which enhances our motivation to learn expereincing community. 

What materials do I need?

We will be using "Visualize Keyboard Scale sand Modes" by Malia Jade Roberson, PHD published by Hal Leonard " Harmony nad Musicianchip with Solfedge" by Dr. Wanner. 

Our Books

"Harmony and Musicianship with Solfedge" and "teoría" are excellent open source material used during lessons. Both resources are filled with treasures to increase your understanding of music as you move toward your goal of music mastery.